Like most all waterfowl species, Sandhill crane Migrate from northern Canada down to the south coasts of America and beyond. Sandhill crane live to be anywhere from 35-40 years of age in a full life term. A Greater Sandhill crane stands at a staggering 3-4 foot tall! Their wingspan reaches out to 4 1/2'-7'7". Talk about a big bird!

Unlike the great Whooping crane that are white with black tipped wings, the Sandhill crane are gunmetal grey with a noticeable red top on their heads. At a younger age, the grey has a flashy brown color mixed-in throughout their body and the red top has yet to present itself. A mature Sandhill crane has a very particular, yet loud, noise it creates. It sounds as if there is a pterodactyl coming in to land! 

The Sandhill crane diet consist of many different farmland crops such as corn, sorghum, peanuts, wheat, and whatever else they can find readily available such as bugs, and berries. Sandhill crane are a very cautious type of bird that take notice to many different details in their every day transit to feed. A Sandhill crane hunt is a must-do hunt for anyone looking to broaden their horizon on bird hunting!

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