"The Red Eye Team strives to have unparalleled customer service. Each guide, or GIT, desires the best all around experience for every hunt. I have been, and continue to remain blessed by these hardworking men. If you chose to hunt with REO, please understand these guys are going to work their tail off for you on stage, and behind the scenes. God Bless!"


Colton Collen


“My name is Jacob Salmon, 24 years old from Dallas, Texas. I started duck hunting on public land in my early days of high school and fell head over heals for it. It wasn’t till I moved to Western Oklahoma 6 years ago, that I started chasing geese all of the time as well. I like to think I’m truly the most lucky and blessed kid alive. I get the opportunity to not only work “full time” in the oilfields of western Oklahoma, but also be able to travel to West Texas for 3-4 days a week  to guide crane and goose hunts for Redeye Outfitters. Couldn’t dream it up any better in my opinion. Blessed to be in the situation that I am, doing what I love with some great people.” 


Jacob Salmon


"I was born and raised in Jones, OK. My hunting photography passion began in western Oklahoma chasing quail with high school buddies. I made sure to carry a camera with me in my bird vest so that I could not only keep those memories with me, but be able to look at a photo and remember that very second. At Red Eye Outfitters, I am here to capture those memories for you".


Brent Kimbrough


Riggs is an American Lab raised in the blind. He is three years old and lives to hunt crane. He just wants to be their friend, and they keep attacking him. 

Bird Boy



I’m from Katy Texas and have been hunting since I was 10. I grew up hunting deer in south Texas and have been hunting waterfowl since I was 20.


Michael Wells


Zack is a West Texas Native who began hunting upland game birds on the family farm in Hale County when he was 6 years old. His life long pursuit of the outdoors has taken him to 13 countries and to Alaska. He was introduced to waterfowl during his collegiate career and fell in love with Sandhill Crane hunting. “Crane have been by far my favorite bird pursuit, they are extremely intelligent and require a great deal of observation in order to hunt them effectively”

“The main reasons I enjoy hunting is the experiences I shared with my dad and granddad walking the fields for pheasant growing up. Also, I have been fortunate to meet some of the best people in the world who are part of the outdoor community. I have made lifelong friends through hunting and cannot wait to swap stories and share my knowledge with newcomers to the hunting world” -Z


Zack Gregory

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